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iFIX - Overview

iFIX is a cloud based, fully automated, next generation Service Management solution for the 21st century enterprises. It has built-in industry contents and best practices, catering to all the service management requirements through an integrated approach. iFIX is developed based on the principles of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). And it works on SaaS (Software as a Service) delivery model. iFIX has an Outcome Driven Pricing (ODP) Model which helps our customers to realize the benefits faster, better, sleeker and affordable. Try out now to get your early-bird benefits for free.

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iFIX - Solution Modules

iFIX has 10 Solution Modules covering all the service management aspects. These modules can be deployed all together or independently, depending on the customer requirements. The 10 iFIX Modules are:
1. User Experience Manager (UXM)
2. Digital Service Exchange (DSE)
3. Digital Service Desk (DSD)
4. Real Time Solutions (RTS)
5. Escalation Manager (ECM)
6. Document Manager (DOCU+)
7. Agile Change & Release Manager (ACR)
8. Transition & Knowledge Manager (TKM)
9. Innovation & Value Generator (IVG)
10. Service Management Analytics (SMA)

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iFIX - Benefits

iFIX works on the foundation of benefits principle - Faster, Better, Sleeker & Affordable. iFIX addresses critical business areas in an effective manner to ensure businesses derive substantial benefits from its subject matter expertise content. iFIX benefit areas include its Commercial Strength, Technical Stability & Scalability, and Built-in Industry Best Practices. Some of the major benefits are:
- No License Fee - Availaible for unlimited     users which promotes mass adoption of IT
- No Infrastructure & No Implementation Cost    (Cloud based Ready-To-Go Saas Model)
- Business Outcome based Pricing Model
- Social, Mobile and Innovation enabled.

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